The Biggest Health and Wellness Trends for 2017

The biggest health and wellness trends for 2017 – Are you following any of them?

If you’re someone who has rolled on to the wellness bandwagon with the coming of 2017, you’re not alone because 2017 seems to be the year when majority of the people around the world have become extremely conscious about their health. From gut-health diets to mushroom lattes, suddenly people all over are ditching junk food and preferring healthy snacks. They’re snapping animal protein to veggie meals. It is indeed admirable to see the world growing healthier. In order to lead a long and happy life, it is important to keep your mind and body in shape. So, let’s check out the health and wellness trends which are dominating 2017 and check whether you’re not you’re following any.

Trend #1: Sugar detoxing is the new quitting-carbs trend

While doctors, health professionals and fitness trainers have always warned us about the adverse impacts of sugar, it’s only in 2017 that too many people are making serious changes and opting for total sugar detoxing. In fact, expert Barron says that sugar detoxing is almost the new form of quitting carbohydrates. The sugar industry has long been paying the scientists to play down the harsh link between sugar and heart disease and pleading them to put the blame on saturated fat. Ever since, people have understood that sugar increases body inflammation and this can become a major reason for cardiovascular diseases.

Trend #2: People are going crazy about cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has been around for some time now but again it is being hugely adopted in 2017. If you don’t know what this is, it is the procedure of exposing your body to ultra-low temperature in a controlled place for a specific amount of time. The person who goes through cryotherapy enters a nitrogen-cooled cryogenic chamber and stays there for 1-3 minutes as this reduces the skin surface temperature considerably and thereby reduces inflammation.

Trend #3: Slime in order to release stress

Don’t consider slime as child’s play, this material is soon becoming a simple way of releasing your body from stress. As per Barron, slime is very soon taking over the internet. Touching it and watching it very soon becoming relaxing and addictive. If you check Instagram, there are almost 3 million posts under the #slime hashtag and experts see this trend to become extremely famous in the near future.

Trend #4: Single-bowl meals are ‘in’

Acai bowls and poke bowls are still going pretty strong but this is just the tip of the bowl iceberg. There are restaurants too which serve healthy bowls and a shop in New York which serves breakfast bowls. The bowl trend has also become common in Chipotle, Sweetgreen and McDonald’s as well. You can search online to know more on the breakfast bowl recipes.

Therefore, once you have started following any of the above health and wellness trends, you can be sure that you’re on the path of a healthy life. Keep exercising regularly along with following a perfect diet to get fast results.

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