Shop ethically and reduce your fashion footprint – Tips to follow now!

It is unanimously acknowledged that nothing can be more disheartening for a fashion-freak than to realize that their passion for fashion is having an adverse impact on the rest of the environment. Casual shoppers who shop around casually don’t even have inkling of the problem that they’re creating for the world. Fast fashion seems to be the main issue, to be specific. We all are aware of the fact that the booming of cheap clothes is causing the ultimate problem throughout the world, from below-average conditions for factory workers which lead to factory tragedies which in turn take a toll on the resources of the earth.

There is too much of clothing being made in unethical ways and although this might initially seem overwhelming, the good news is that we can bring about small changes in the way we shop for clothes. Here are few suggestions for you that will make you feel good about the difference that you’re making.

#1: Know how to shop fashionable clothes at the thrift stores

One of the most effective ways in which you can shop ethically is by buying used clothes. It is sad enough to note that there are many people who shy away from thrift stores as they don’t like the idea of sorting through the crowds. Rather being intimidated, take it as a game. Go on your holidays to browse through their racks and choose clothes which are made from good quality fabrics like suede, wool, cotton and leather. Once you’re not wearing your clothes and you’re tired of them, bring things to a full circle by donating them.

#2: Watch out for online ethical clothe brands

If you’re fashionable and stylish enough to buy branded clothes, the only option for you is a mall. Apart from visiting the mall, you could even head online to discover some of those amazing brands which produce ethical clothing. Eileen Fisher has an eco-friendly collection of classic and simply stylish clothing. Everlane is another brand which offers transparency about where and how their clothes are made. Their products are even reasonably priced despite being ethical.

#3: Find out the ethical fast fashion brands and stick to them

The good news is that you don’t require eschewing fast fashion forever. However, there are some brands which make an effort to provide ethical clothing and hence you can reward their efforts by buying such clothes whenever you see them. H&M offers a separate section for conscious clothing as a portion of their sustainability goal. Similarly, there are many other brands which you can stick to in order to reduce your fashion footprint.

#4: Learn more on ethical clothing

You won’t be successful enough to buy ethical clothes if you don’t know what they are. Do your bit of homework on what ethical clothes are and which brands you should be interested in. Know where the clothes come from and how they’re made.

So, if you’re someone who wants to reduce your fashion footprint on the world and yet remain stylish and fashionable, follow the points mentioned above.

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