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North Korea’s ‘Successful’ Missile Launch Endangers the US

When Kim Jong Un came to power in December 2011, he vowed to continue the missile program of his father, Kim Jong Il. True enough, the missile program has been prioritized by the regime. Despite experiencing multiple launch failures in 2016, North Korea continued to improve and test out their new technology.


It seems that the hard work of Kim Jong Un’s regime has paid off. Last July 28, their missile launch is said to have been a success.


Improvement on the Missile’s Range

The flight test of North Korea’s long-range intercontinental ballistic missile has led the communist regime to achieve its objective of launching a missile that can reach the shores of the United States. The North Koreans are claiming that their missiles now have the capability to hit the West Coast of the United States. However, the American government disputes this claim and say that the missile launch from North Korea does not pose a threat to North America.


North Korea has been launching long range missiles, which are also known as “lofted trajectory” since Kim Jong Un’s administration. They have improved the distance covered by the missiles through their past launches. North Korean engineers are also able to gather data from their past tests and are positive about improving the warhead and the delivery system of their missiles. However, they may still be far behind from being able to achieve this.


The missile launched last July 28 was able to cover a vertical distance of 2800 km lasting for 37 minutes. The missile landed just a few meters away from the Japan Sea. An ICBM is known for being able to cover a distance of more than 5500 km. Experts predict that if the missile was launched in perfect condition, it could have covered a distance of more than 6700 km. This means that it already had the capability to hit the military base in Guam and the naval base in Hawaii.


The United States’ Response

In response to the latest threat posed by Kim Jong Un’s regime, the United States government also fired missiles into the water near the coast of South Korea. This was a combined training with the military personnel of South Korea. This was also the same response the American government had done the last 4th of July ICBM launch of North Korea.


The United States has been consistently interfering on the missile tests conducted by the communist regime. The Pentagon has launched cyberattacks to their system in order for them to have a test failure. This is their way of hampering the development of North Korea’s missile program. The military action of United States is coupled with sanctions to Kim Jong Un’s government.


However, Kim Jong Un is insistent on his goal to obliterate the United States. He says that measures being done by the United States only strengthens their resolve and further justifies their possession of nuclear weapons.


If North Korea continues to conduct missile tests, it will not be too long until they will achieve their goal of launching an attack on the United States. Kim Jong Un will continue to persist and continue to threaten the American government.


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