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Say No To Drugs: 5 Good Reason Why You Should Do It


Drugs is a growing problem in the US as well as other countries. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the US government has spent about $193 billion for the health care and lost work productivity due to drug abuse. This is to say that drugs do not only affect you personally but also your nation as a whole.


Once you start taking drugs, it will be difficult to quit. It’s better that you avoid trying it at all. If you feel that you are pressured to take drugs, you might find it good to remember the following points.


Drugs harm you.

Narcotics damage a person mentally and physically. Though recreational users often deny the risk of taking drugs occasionally, there’s no denying the truth.


Some physical problems you can encounter when you take drugs are stroke, liver failure, heart attack, asthma, diabetes, sexual impotence, and more. When the drugs are injected, you’re more likely to get infected with AIDS or HIV. If you think that physical damage caused by drugs is not grave, then you should think about the mental damage. Those who take narcotics are prone to hallucination, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and worse, addiction. It’s not an understatement to say that drugs can change you as a person.


Drugs are illegal.

If you are not scared about your wellness, then think about the law. Narcotics are illegal in most parts of the world. When you consume them, you break the law. The consequence of breaking the law can range from giving a monetary fine to serving an extreme sentence and receiving the capital punishment.


Drug-related crimes like homicide, extortion, kidnapping, embezzlement, and bribery are also common. Though not all drug users violate the law by doing these, the possibility of getting yourself involved in a criminal activity is higher when you take drugs.


Drugs are expensive.

Taking drugs is not a cheap hobby. Being illegal, drugs are hard to come by. Thus, they are expensive. When you do it once, you might not feel that you are losing so much money. However, you have to remember that drugs are addicting. You take it once, and you’ll take it again. In which case, you’ll have to repeat your purchase.


No matter how rich you are, drug addiction will consume you and your financial resources. Even recreational users sometimes end up cheating, stealing, and lying just to get enough cash to buy drugs.


Drugs are harmful to your community.

There’s a reason why the government has made drugs illegal. They do not only affect you. They also affect those around you.


For one, it destroys the environment. In order to grow illegal crops, wilderness areas like rainforests are often destroyed. Studies have shown that narcotics farming is one cause of deforestation.


Drug addiction also harms your family and friends. The more you take drugs, the more your health will deteriorate. Who will take care of you when you suffer? It’s most likely your family. Who will have to pay the hospital bills? Again, it will be your family.


The consequences of taking drugs are grave. You don’t need to try them in order to know what these consequences are. What you have to do is to educate yourself. Decide what’s better for you, your family, and your community.


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