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Fashion basically means some popular trend or style especially in body, clothing, accessories, footwear, or makeup. Sometimes there are some trends which are used by some of the famous celebrities and become popular and they are then become the fashion of the season. These fashions are then copied or followed by many of the commoners. Fashion can be the way in which a person dresses. Sometimes some clothing styles become quite popular. Sometimes some materials become fashion. Some way of carrying a particular dress material also becomes trend or fashion. Fashion repeats itself. Means suddenly what is in, becomes obsolete after few years, and then come back to fashion again, after some 5-6 or 10 years. Hence there is no such fashion which keeps on going on and on. Fashion and latest trends tend to attract women more than men. There are fashions for men as well, but usually men of any religion, region, age, culture follow or stick to the same fashion every year, while women tend to change their fashion sense every one or two years. Aspects of trends or fashion can be masculine, feminine or sometimes androgynous.

Why women love shopping more than men
Fashion is the term, which we can mainly relate with women rather men. Whether it’s about clothing or jewellery or most importantly shopping. Women love shopping very much. They love visiting malls, shops, more than anything else. It’s like their lifeline. Whenever you go for shopping you will notice that clothing stores and jewellery segment is mainly filled up with women. For purchasing one dress they will take much time. They judge the quality of the item that they may purchase. For purchasing one item, they will see some 100 items. They end up in buying the item as well. It is their habit. Many of you will wonder why this is so. Why women love shopping so much. Well the reasons are explained just below:

•Peer Pressure: Women watch a well dressed woman more carefully than men do, and we always blame the man. Unlike men, women actually notices another woman’s dress, way of carrying the dress, material and colour of the dress, the jewellery she is wearing with the dress, whether the footwear goes with the dress or not, nail paint, lipstick and many more things. If a woman looks better than her, then she may either try to copy her, or will buy something more expensive or different from her. This may happen even if the better looking woman is her best friend. Hence peer pressure makes women shopaholic.

•To Impress Men: Women love compliments. And if the compliment comes from a man then it acts as icing on the cake. Compliments make women feel confidant, top of the world, etc. Every woman loves to become the center of attraction. She always wants to impress her man with her outlook, clothing, footwear, jewelry, etc. She wants to dress herself in such a way that she should get noticed in every occasion. A woman never wants her dress to be repeated in the occasions where some same types of persons attend. Hence, she prefers shopping over repeating dress.

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