Modern Lifestyles and Its Impact On Health

Modern lifestyle or modernization of daily life has made humans lives easier. There has been lot of evolution in the field of medicine, clothing, travel etc. Many medicines have been introduced for correcting impossible and life threatening ailments. Various and comfortable public and private transports are invented to make journey easier and comfortable. But this modern lifestyle is only creating great impact on our health, especially in many developed countries. Due to this modern lifestyle, we are bound to follow some unhealthy behavior which in turn leads to health related issues like cardiovascular problems, diabetes, cancers, and respiratory diseases. This type of lifestyle affects our health not only physically, but also socially and psychologically. These are caused due to increased online and video gaming systems, availability of various online sites, e-reservation, etc. People tend to become lazier day by day as they are getting more facility day by day by sitting at home. Hence with increased facility of modernization nowadays, it increases various health related issues as well.

Some of the common problems associated to this modern lifestyle are tension and health problems including psychosomatic disorders, rupture in ozone layer / ecological pollution, disturbed family relations, corruption / immorality / dishonesty, violence and cruelty, drug-addiction, exploitation, etc.

Some addictions associated with modern lifestyles

Several modern addictions are gradually emerging day by day reflecting the changing ways of living. These increase the importance on certain more modern activities such as, insecurities about our image, desire to appear successful and rich and some more endless desires are leading to the addictions of modern lifestyles. Addiction may affect anybody, regardless of gender, age, religion or race. The sad part is many sufferers of this addiction are completely unaware of these.

Addictions can range from gambling to prescription medications to alcohol to sex. Given below is the list of some of the addictions that you may find in yourself, due to the modernization.   

  1. Workaholism: Longer the working hours better the earning, and this concept of the modern commercial world is leading to the addiction called workaholism. People tend not to realize this as a problem until things go wrong.
  2.  Love Addiction: Initially it seems ok or beautiful. But this addiction is something that affects somebody’s health as well as future relationships. It has been found that this type of people share some similar symptoms with the cocaine abusers. Hence this is something very serious.
  3. Television Addiction: This is yet another and a very common addiction associated with today’s generations. Watching TV for a prolonged period leads to several health hazards, which may even harm our future. Sometimes people tend to take the negative effects from the TV rather than positives. Sometimes people are unable to accept the reality and try to harm themselves because of some incidence happening on TV, or to TV personalities on reality.
  4. Oniomania: Also known as shopping addiction, in which many people especially the youngster are affected. You will find at least 50-60% oniomaniacs in almost every family and neighborhood. The advent of many shopping sites and their gaining popularity is leading to this kind of addiction.

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