10 Essential Inhabitants of the Wardrobe

Take a moment and imagine yourself getting ready. Is the whole wardrobe lying bare on your bed and are you still confused about what to wear? This is a problem women face on an everyday basis. No matter how much you shop apparently while getting ready everything trendy seems to be boring. Not to worry; for here is a list of 10 essential things you should have in your wardrobe:

1. Good Denim

True, now there are plenty of other options available you can wear instead of jeans; but a pair of good denim is always classy and goes with almost everything. So, have a few pairs of various washes and types and you are good to go.

2. White T-shirt

A white tee is always in style. You can pair it with almost everything- from denims to pants to skirts. There are numerous ways to style it up with a good scarf or a shrug. White tees will always be on style and so you must own them in your wardrobe.

3. Blazer that fits

Try and find one that looks good with everything- be it a concert or everyday look. You can wear it with a tee, shirt or blouse. An outerwear is always helpful to help achieve the desired look.

4. The Classic Black Dress

Confused what to wear for a party? A little black dress is never cliché! Opt for one that goes in almost every occasion. All you need are a good pair of footwear (be it heels or sneakers) and some outerwear (jacket or cardigan) to style it up personally.

5. A Scarf for All Occasions

A good scarf is a must have for it can change your look completely and make you look more fashionable and elite. There are numerous ways to wear a scarf around your neck. Even if your outfit is really boring, a good scarf can transform the look completely.

6. A Sweater

This is a classic winter wear item for the wardrobe. A good knit sweater can be worn with almost everything and it has the ability to give you a classy and cool look.

7. T-shirt Bra

A good bra is the most necessary item in the closet for without good fitted underwear any good outfit can turn ugly. The best option is to own a t-shirt bra which can stay comfortably under everything. This is the first one though. Having a good innerwear collection goes a long way.

8. Sunglasses

An essential item yet there is no need to have a collection. Just have one or two trendy classic pairs that will go with everything.

9. Footwear

The most difficult part of dressing is to choose the perfect footwear for only they can complete the look. Just have the pairs of snickers, flats and heels and you are all set to go.

10. Leather Jacket

Invest in a good black leather jacket for a lifetime collection. Trendy and stylish, this can give you a fabulous finish. Have these things in your closet and next time you won’t stand in front of your closet, clueless about what to wear.

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