Best foods for a healthy liver

Liver is the internal organ that breaks down carbohydrates, makes glucose and assists in detoxing the human body. It stores nutrients, creates bile, and thus, promotes proper digestion and absorption of nutrients present in food. So, it is extremely important to look after your liver in order to maintain a healthy body.

Now, the question is how to keep your liver healthy? There are many drinks and foods that you can consume for protecting your liver. Read the complete article to know all about those foods.

What foods protect our liver?

Here is a list of some drinks and foods that you can consume to strengthen your liver.

  1. Coffee- Research studies have revealed that people who drink coffee on a daily basis have less chances of developing acute liver disease. Coffee is a liver friendly drink. It gives the liver protection against diseases such as fatty liver. It not only lessens buildup of fat in the liver but also increases antioxidants.
  2. Green tea- Green tea is another liver friendly drink that you should commence taking. We all know about the multiple health benefits of green tea on our hair, skin, digestive system, and several other body parts. Green tea also decreases signs of NAFLD (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease).
  3. Grapefruit- Grapefruit is a beneficial fruit known to promote good health. It contains important oxidants, namely, naringenin and naringin. Both these antioxidants provide protection to our liver from injuries. They protect the liver cells and reduce inflammation.
  4. Oatmeal- Including oatmeal in your diet is a simple way to consume fiber. Fiber has a great role to play when it comes to bettering the digestive system of a person. Oatmeal and oats are rich in beta-glucans. They modulate our immune system, fight against obesity, inflammation, and diabetes.
  5. Garlic- You can also add garlic to your everyday diet as it stimulates our liver. Garlic consumption also helps us keep body weight in check, especially in people suffering from NAFLD.
  6. Fatty fish- Cooking with fish oil and eating fatty fish can be a great help for people dealing with NAFLD. Fatty fish contains omega-3 fatty acids. They are the good fats, fats responsible for lessening inflammation. These fats are extremely liver friendly as they also maintain the liver’s enzyme levels.
  7. Berries- Berries are also good for the liver. Moreover, there are so many options from cranberries and blueberries to raspberries that you’ll never be bored of eating them.
  8. Nuts- As nuts are rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, they also protect the liver from NAFLD. So, include almonds and walnuts in your diet.
  9. Olive oil- Too much fat can cause serious damage to the liver. On the other hand, some fats can do wonders to the liver. Olive oil, for instance, helps in reduction of oxidative stress and improvement of liver function. So, start adding olive oil to your salads and other food items.

So, eating the foods mentioned above will ensure that your liver remains fit and healthy. Also, try to lessen the consumption of alcohol and sugar.

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