Best tips to maintain healthy gums and teeth

Healthy gums and teeth make eating food an enjoyable experience for all of us. Healthy teeth also beautify our smile and give us confidence. To keep your teeth healthy, you need to take regular care of them. This involves being cautious about your eating habits and buying proper products for oral care.

Good habits for dental hygiene

Here are some simple ways and everyday practices for keeping teeth healthy:

  1. Brush properly- How you brush teeth is extremely important when it comes to looking after your teeth. Brushing them in hurry is nothing better than brushing them at all. So, make sure you have sufficient time to move the toothbrush gently and in circular motions.
  2. Never skip brushing teeth at night- Most of us have a tendency of going to bed without brushing teeth, especially when we are exhausted. But, brushing before you sleep is mandatory to avoid cavity formation throughout the night. This helps us get rid of plaque and germs that accumulate at different times of the day.
  3. Don’t forget your tongue- Do you clean your tongue at least once in a day? If no, you should start doing that. Good dental hygiene includes healthy teeth, gums and a clean tongue. Moreover, plaque builds up on tongue as well. Apart from bad odor, it can lead to several other oral problems. So, it is better to gently brush the tongue after brushing teeth.
  4. Take flossing seriously- There are many who brush daily but when it comes to flossing, only few people practice that. People usually floss to take out small pieces of sweets or chicken stuck in between teeth. But, it is an effective way to reduce plaque, stimulate gums and lessen inflammation in affected areas.
  5. Buy fluoride toothpaste- Most of us have the illusion that brushing teeth twice daily is the most important thing. Which toothpaste we use is of least significance. But, according to dentists, no matter which toothpaste you use, it must have fluoride. It fights germs and coats your teeth with a protective barrier.
  6. Consider mouthwash- Have you ever considered using mouthwash? If the answer is no, maybe you have no idea how it works. Dentists recommend mouthwash for three simple reasons: it lessens the acid amount in mouth, it reaches those areas that a toothbrush fails to clean, and it re-mineralizes your teeth. So, children and aged people should be more encouraged to use mouthwash than adults.
  7. Visit your dentist occasionally- Even if you think you have no dental problems, it is wise to visit the dentist once in six months for regular check-ups.
  8. Drink water- Water is indubitably the best beverage for most body parts. It is not possible to brush teeth each time you eat something. Drinking water after taking your meals helps wash out acidic and sticky foods.

So, taking care of teeth does not require much time. All you need to do is maintain a strict routine to be blessed with beautiful, white teeth.

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