Essential Dressing Tips for Men

They say that first impression is the last impression and your dressing manner helps a lot to build that impression. There are some simple yet classy dressing rules for men which help them make a good first appearance. The job of dressing well is not very easy for men because the options are limited in comparison to women and a bit overdo might make you look silly. So, here are some absolutely essential dressing tips for young men:

Simple, Classy and Comfortable

In case of men it is absolutely essential to keep it simple. First take a look at your current collection and then try to upgrade it slowly. Try not mix formal wears with casual because that would make you a clueless person having absolutely no dressing sense at all.

However, when getting dressed give utmost importance to your comfort and that is why it is necessary to dress according to the weather and environment. That would not only make you at ease but also give you a sharp outlook.

Fit in Properly

In case of fashion what matters most is the fit. It is applicable for any kind of garments but especially if it is a suit. Wearing a suit well is very important. If you are wearing suits for the first time go for the classic black suits. Be careful about the shoulder fit because that is the base.

Own Your Jeans

Invest in your jeans because they are evergreen and you can actually own them with time. The best and most popular cut is the ‘slim-tapered’ cut for it is comfortable and looks smart at the same time. But the secret to look smart in your jeans is to wear them until you own them. Invest in dark denims for the repeated wash will make them look yours.

Bright and Bold

Men in general are scared of colors and that is why everyone opts for those boring navy or grey suits again and again. However, the truth is color can make you look bold and help make up a good appearance. Invest in bright colors like green, bright blue etc. Even a bit of touch from colors can make your look more refreshing.

Shoes are Important

It is not your garments but your shoes that tell more about you. So invest enough on shoes- especially invest on evergreen long lasting pieces. Classic styles will always be on trend. Also keep some casual collection for casual outings too.

Watch the Watch

Men do not have many options regarding accessories like women. So they must use whatever option they have to the fullest. In case of men wristwatch makes a very important statement for you can use it to decorate yourself in a more sophisticated way. Generally sports models go with almost everything. There are millions of models available in the market but choose wisely because a watch makes a statement. So choose one you feel goes with your personality. These are the basics. Once you start being aware of your appearance you shall get to know more about what suits you best and what does not.

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