Celebrity and the Red Carpet :

Celebrity as a definition:

Celebrity –a persona or a group of individuals having immense media coverage, wealthy and top-rated and having commercial value and have a reasonable difference than so-called common mass.  ‘Celebrity’ usually having a favorable public image, as opposed to the neutrals ‘famous’ or ‘notable’, or the negatives ‘infamous’ and ‘notorious.

History of Celebrity and Celebrations:

 In Ancient Greece, the Athletes were applauded as heroes or celebrity. Songs, poems, speeches were written to give them celebrity acclamation.  Ancient Rome, the celebrity endorsement of famous actors and notorious gladiators, were very event.

At  12th century, Thomas Becket became famous following his murder and projected by the Christian Church as a martyr and images of him had been portrayed in many places. This tempo ran for years.

These Unique personalities became a cult figure in the arena of Romanticism or late 18 the century. So their livelihood lifestyle had been publicized through different media. In the 18th to 19th-century Newspaper of America and Britain started to keep Gossip page to increase the celebrities’ views, pictures to make them more accessible. This trend gets exploded in the first half of 20 the century.

Advancement :

The Film industry crosses  the world  of  the first half of  20th century and now, the popular  concept of the instantly recognizable faces of its superstars. Yet, celebrity was not always tied to actors in films, especially when cinema was starting as a medium.  Paul McDonald told once in The Star System: Hollywood’s Production of Popular Identities, at the beginning of the early  twentieth century, American film production companies stopped giving the names of film performers as they started to demand more money. Slowly Camera peeped into the windows of the private life of actors and actress, and it started to catch more popularity of the audience as it started to bring news many marriages of Holywood actress Elizabeth Taylors and romance of Raj Kapoor in 1950.

The latter half of the century got Television as the most influential medium and music group and the singers such as famous rock and POP Group by the name The Beatles and overwhelming rock singer Elvis Presley. With the increasing popularity of Television, unlike movies, Television produced celebrities other than actor or actress of movies like presenters, talk show hosts, even newsreaders. Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Springer, or David Frost had broken many records of stardom. The film magazine, news journals of the ’60s and ’70s took an essential part in increasing popularity of celebrities.

Sports and Entertain

 Celebrities come from many fields, but the personality from Sports and Entertain becomes quickly accessible because of the extensive media coverage and Money put in the system. The persons associated with Press or News Media also becomes a celebrity because of their regular visibility in Television or Radio or News or maybe in FM. Apart from Radio, Television, Music and Movie …..Modeling .comedy show, literature, Business Tycoon, Doctors, Lawyers are also not out of the list of celebrities. But the percentage is very less compare to Sports and Entertainment people.

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