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What is Movies:

Movies- motion picture or moving picture invention of the late nineteenth century by Lumiere Brothers in Paris on 28 December 1895on public scree can be regarded as the breakthrough of projected motion pictures. Before that, Edison and the company invented the machine called KINTOSCOPE to produce numerous prototype pictures in the year 1893-94. It is a visual art form or experience that projects ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, beauty, or atmosphere through moving images and sounds or music. The word “film” originates from the medium it is being stored. It has many terms related to motion-picture, including pictures, picture shows, moving pictures, photoplay, and flick.


Use of motion-picture Camera to take action or activities in reality with a keen sense of Camera as well as Photography creates a raw or proof of Movies.  Skilled photographers or Cameraman projects magic-using drawings, miniature models, or traditional animation techniques. Previously  when films were recorded in celluloid. Later it had been processed through the chemical mixture and finally put on the big screen through a projector. The words were spoken, music and other surrounding sounds create realty magic altogether. With the use of Computer technology, Movies had turned in another arena by using Computer graphics, animation, and editing software. It becomes more accurate, and moviemakers really can use their concept of supernatural entities.

Films have not only a medium of entertainment; it is used to educate, and it has an immense effect on cultural events. The visual effect has much deeper communication with the audience. Some internationally acclaimed or popular films are subtitled or translated in respective languagesto communicate a large section of people.


By 1914, several national film industries were established with the dominance of  Europe, Russia and Scandinavia were the dominant industries; America had less critical. Films became lengthy and more storyteller, or narrative became the dominant form.

But with the advance of time, more people started to see movies and pay for that. The industry started to grow, and the production house. The distribution house started to put more money into it. After the first world war as Europe had severely affected, Americans started to get more importance in the film industry.

 British Kinemacolor process added colors first in a documentary film   Our King and Queen through India (also known as The Delhi Durbar) of 1912, which had a duration of  2 hours.

In the films of 1939, such as Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz in Hollywood and A Matter of Life and Death of  1946 of the UK, a three-color process was used. In the year 1932, when sound added by a jazz singer successfully, the golden era of films embarked. Thirty-one million people were present in a movie theatre in the year 1946, which was not only phenomenal and record. In the year 1953, Cinemascope started to use and squeezed the film in size of 33mm.


Present large-screen systems using 70mm film were also developed in the year 1950 to 1980s. Invent of Imax running almost 1500 theatres of all 2D and 3D formats.                                                                       

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