POLITICS – the art of ruling

Definition of Politics and it’s spread:

The word Politics is derived from the Greek word politiká or the affairs of the states. It is the set of affairs or activities of a group or individual to set a goal or mission to form an entity, which we call a Party or organization to rule or govern a body, a club, state or country or continent. Decision making in groups, based on the distribution of power allocations, voting, setting references and status of anybody, is nothing but activities of Politics.

History of politics

The history of politics can be found in early antiquity, with seminal works such as Plato’s RepublicAristotle’s Politics, Chanakya’s Arthashastra and Chanakya Niti (3rd century BCE), and the phenomenal work of Chinese visitor or monk Confucius.

Aspects of politics

 It is a multi-meaning word, when used positively, e.g. “political solution,” it refers to an approach which is rational, logical and non-violent, but can also be negatively implied, E.g., as Wendell Phillips, an American abolitionist once stated that “we do not play politics; anti-slavery is no half-jest with us.” 

Importance of politics

Moreover, Politics is a social exercise dealing with the allocation of the power of decision making concerning all the disciplines of public life, systems, political behavior, and public policies that govern a country, international institutions, entities, and organizations. The critical measure of the success of governance involves scrutinizing and analyzing many factors like stability, justice, wealth, peace, and public health.

 Definite attempt to describe things as they are, or oppositely how things are ought to be, this kind of analyzing politics is called normative politics.

 Politics should have a rational constitution or a rule book that must be accepted by society at large and must be followed by every ruling organization. 

Activities of politics

In politics, people exercise various methods like promotion of a party or group’s idea or views or of the leader who has been selected to represent his voters or followers. It includes meetings, events, political road shows, or campaigns, or maybe to announce War against the enemies or their ideas or methodology. Politics has a significant influence in different sectors and levels of societies, from Caste and clans of traditional societies to today’s organized local municipalities and panchayet spanning over companies and institutions. The influence of politics hovers from the states, union territory to the international l

Significance of politics

Politics is the basic instinct of human beings. In the epics of our history and prehistoric era, we have read many stories of wars whose roots were in power and politics. Not only War, but we have also heard of many stories of Truce and allies that had given a new direction or a significant change in human history. The whole universe is dependent on many excellent organizations that took birth from the positive side of human politics, and that gave birth to UNESCO, WHO, REDCROSS.

So politics has two-fold results, sometimes benign to human civilization and sometimes malignant and creates Macbeth and Othello.


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