MUSIC – the live Entertainment

ORIGIN : The word music derives from the Greek word Mike. Music is an art form of using the Sound in different forms and mediums. It is composed of elements like rhythm, tempo, meter and articulation. Performance of a Music is

Creativity –the virtue of a man

Creativity is producing and imaginative new ideas into reality. It is novel in style or properties. Creativity is measured by perceiving the world in new ways, finding hidden patterns, making connections between seemingly unrelated

Movies-Popular Entertainer

What is Movies: Movies- motion picture or moving picture invention of the late nineteenth century by Lumiere Brothers in Paris on 28 December 1895on public scree can be regarded as the breakthrough of projected motion pictures. Before

CRIME NEWS-an ethical probe

News to Crime News: The news means collecting detailed and relevant information on any present or past events. They circulate that information through many different media like word of mouth, printing, postal systems, broadcasting,

Celebrity and the Red Carpet :

Celebrity as a definition: Celebrity –a persona or a group of individuals having immense media coverage, wealthy and top-rated and having commercial value and have a reasonable difference than so-called common mass. 'Celebrity'

Tragedy is co-related with human life :

Definition : The tragedy is the word derives from the Greek tragōidia. It is a consequence of Drama portrays on human suffering, Pain, on slaughter etc. In Drama, it follows catharsis or to please the audiences. In many houses of Drama


News and World News: News broadcasts events it may be current or of past incidents through various media like maybe Printing. Television, Radio, and the internet. Topics for news reports cover war, government, politics, education,

POLITICS – the art of ruling

Definition of Politics and it’s spread: The word Politics is derived from the Greek word politiká or the affairs of the states. It is the set of affairs or activities of a group or individual to set a goal or mission

Pathetic –the worst hit

Meaning of Pathetic Pathetic means evoking or expressing pity, sympathy at it's highest level of empathy. Of all the fallacies which man hugs to his bosom, the one characterized by Ruskin as "the pathetic


Reality as Definition : According to the dictionary, reality means the state of the things in substance Reality is the form or perception within a system; it is against imagination. The term is also in fashion to the related status of