Best foods for a healthy liver

Liver is the internal organ that breaks down carbohydrates, makes glucose and assists in detoxing the human body. It stores nutrients, creates bile, and thus, promotes proper digestion and absorption of nutrients present in food. So, it is

Playlist for Sincere Cohen Fans

Cohen is not just a name but this name signifies emotion. Emotions like love, lust, faith have been painted by Leonard Cohen for the past decades. Even though the prophet left this planet in November 2016, the magic remains. Falling in

Destinations for Art Lovers

Are you an artist? Or do you love art? Or do you have the cravings to know about the best artworks around the world? Then there is definitely a checklist for you. Here are some places one shouldn’t miss especially if the person is intoart:

Art Helps Create Better Living

Not everyone is an artist. Not everyone understands art. Yet there are numerous ways in which art can help people lead a better life. You need not be an artistic person for this. Just find a little enthusiasm and time to invest in art and

Travelling Is A Fun Adventure

It’s an awesome feeling to travel with your friends and family. If you are with the best of the friends or lovely family members, then a not so popular and not so beautiful place will also become the ideal destination for you. Traveling…